The Hills Clinic is a specialist practice, providing private psychiatric and psychological treatment for a wide range of mental health issues including depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. The Clinic was first opened in Castle Hill in 2004 as a response to the increasing demand for mental health services in the northwest of Sydney and was acquired by Healthe Care Australia on May 16, 2017.  The Hills Clinic was created to bring together therapists with different disciplines and to provide complimentary and comprehensive psychiatric treatment programs accessible to all ages, genders and cultures. Treatments are provided for a wide spectrum of conditions including;

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Relationship and grief issues
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Substance disorders
  • Major depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychotic illnesses
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Youth Mental Health

The Hills Clinic Private Hospital was opened in Kellyville in 2011 as a response to the growing demand for quality inpatient programs for mental health sufferers. Our hospital offers modern and scientifically based treatment programs while also providing comfortable accommodation and surrounds.

Staff at the Clinic understand how difficult it can be to seek mental health help and so we go out of our way to provide a sense of ease, through a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

This site was designed to provide information about The Hills Clinic, the clinicians who work with us and our services for both public and professional use. It also highlights the community activities our clinic is involved with. It is intended to provide general information about mental health topics via our fact sheets and links page.

OUR VISION, what drives us and what we value

The Hills Clinic’s core focus is caring for individuals and families burdened by mental health challenges.  The Hills Clinic has established itself as a leading provider of private mental health services in New South Wales, Australia and is well regarded by mental health professionals, general physicians and the community at large.  We are known for the care and attention by which we approach our work and the great outcomes we achieve.

We make meaningful connections with patients enriching their lives by leaving them a greater understanding of themselves, and more confidence to face the world.  We take time to listen to people’s stories and understand their individual needs.  We treat the person not the diagnosis and we treat with respect and empathy.  We work alongside our patient as equals.

We treat patients of all ages with a range of mental health conditions.  Our services are sought out by patients who are proactive about their health, who value high quality health care and aspire to a better self.

The Hills Clinic breaks down traditional barriers preventing people seeking psychiatric care.  Our staff are regular people with a friendly and easy going nature. We are down to earth, caring, respectful and responsible.  We take our work seriously and use the latest scientific and psychological developments and guidelines.  We actively seek the latest developments to ensure we are amongst the earliest adopters of cutting edge therapies.

The Hills Clinic values; participation, integrity, humility creativity and growth.  Our service reassures people by always being able to work through challenges with composure.  We are accustomed to diffusing highly emotional situations and containing peoples distress.  We operate with a highly systemised and orderly process while at the same time being prepared to compromise from our routine to achieve a good outcome.  We thrive on rising to a challenge.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and taking responsibility for our actions.

The Hills Clinic is socially conscious and a proactive member of our community.  We are a resource for the community at large, working with other key stakeholders to sharing our knowledge and experience to help others.

The Hills Clinic is environmentally  conscious and we tread carefully on our surrounds. We use our natural environment as much as possible as a source of healing therapy and believe in enhancing our medical treatments by surround ourselves with a healing environment.  We believe a work environment enhanced by natural surrounds is good for both staff and patients.  We are also using information technology to reduce the use of paper and create work efficiencies.  We look for opportunities to promote environmental care.

The Hills Clinic challenges people’s view about health care. We believe that health care providers especially mental health providers needs to be more aware of providing an experience not just treatment.  The Hills Clinic is known from its fresh, warm and welcoming approach. We believe that providing a good outcome is not enough that the journey has to also be as painless as possible.