Family Therapy Groups are now available

Families who are struggling to understand how individuals in the family relate to one another will benefit from our Family Therapy Groups which are available now. The aim of family therapy is to achieve a better understanding of family dynamics. The family dynamic has its own structure and patterns of communication. This may be defined by parenting styles, personalities and other influences. Family therapy can assist changes in the family structure to improve relationships between family members.

The family sessions addresses issues in relation to exploring family dynamics, positive change, and developing positive communication between individuals within the family unit. Family sessions will also build on strengths that already exist within the family.  The focus is to move towards a positive strengths approach and not dwell on negative outcomes and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. Skills developed during these sessions focus on communication strategies and positive interactions with family members. Topics covered in the sessions include; family roles, communication, assertive communication, building on family strengths.

The sessions are explorative in nature and encourage individual as well as family participation. There is a big focus of accountability as we can only change our behaviour without expectation on others.  Overall it is hoped that participants and their families will observe positive behavioural changes in all members of the family as a result.

The group runs on Tuesdays 5:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday 10am-1:00pm, with a 30 minute break during each session. Light refreshments are also served during the group. For more information please contact our groups coordinator on 1300 122 144 as bookings are essential.