Gambling Addiction

(last updated 15 Jan 2012)

Problem gambling affects many people in Australia and gambling addiction is increasingly impacting on individuals lives and their families. Gambling addiction can affect an individual’s work performance, personal relationships, family responsibilities and impact heavily on their financial situation.

There are many signs which may indicate that someone is suffering with a gambling addiction.

Gambling Addiction Signs

  1. Pre-occupation with gambling. Those who suffer with a gambling addiction are constantly thinking about the next gambling opportunity and overcoming previous losses.
  2. Secretive about their gambling problem. They often hide their habit, evidence of gambling and are unlikely to talk about their habit.
  3. Continue to gamble, despite having lost significant amounts of money or don’t have any money to gamble with. They do not think about the money that has been lost, but rather focus on how to gamble again to get it back.
  4. Neglect important responsibilities and display behaviours that are unusual or out of the ordinary. For example, leaving children unattended so that they can gamble or they may steal money to continue their habit.

Gambling Addiction is treatable and The Hills Clinic offers a Cognitivie Behavioural Therapy based program for those with a gambling problem.

There is also an outpatient program and weekly community programs to assist and support people living in the community.