General Information

Admission to the hospital:

The first step towards arranging admission to the hospital is to talk to our Intake Officer, either over the phone or by making an appointment for an assessment. This assessment will help us understand your situation and how we might be able to help you. Following the assessment process you will be placed on a waiting list for admission. For urgent cases we will do our best to arrange an admission either on the same day or the next day. For non urgent admissions we will do our best to arrange an admission within a week.

If you are not currently under the care of a psychiatrist who works at the hospital, one will be allocated to you. The psychiatrist is chosen based on your presenting problem and psychiatrist availability. Before admission you will also need to provide us with your health insurance details and a doctor’s (GP) referral.

On admission you will be greeted and shown around the hospital. A patient handbook will be provided to help orientate you and will provide you with information such as program times, meal times, visiting hours etc. After a tour of the hospital you will be interviewed by both the medical staff and nursing staff to complete your admission. Within a day of arriving at the hospital you will also meet with your psychiatrist who will review your notes and conduct their own assessment. Once this is done a program will be individualised to suit your needs and your goals. It is expected that most patients will stay at the hospital for approximately three weeks. During this time we hope to identify key contributors to your problems and set a plan towards your recovery. Treatment plans will include a combination of psychological treatment and medications.

What happens after my admission:

The hospital program follows a timetable of activities.   It is expected that everyone who is admitted follows this routine. This usually means waking up by 7am and preparing yourself for the day. After breakfast there is a community group meeting to discuss daily activities and after this meeting therapy programs start. Delicious, fresh meals break up the day but you can expect to be kept busy for most of the time. In addition to group therapy, patients will be visited by their psychiatrist at least twice a week. These are usually individual sessions but may also involve meeting with family members or other significant people in your life.

After the day’s program is over, you will have some free time to relax. There are some voluntary evening programs also available and many of our patients have benefited significantly from the additional programs. During free time you may wish to receive visitors, socialise in the patient lounge areas or simply spend time reflecting on the day’s events in your room. The Hills Clinic has single and share (double) rooms available. All bedrooms are very comfortable and include a hotel style custom made king single bed designed for a great night’s rest, individually controlled ducted air conditioning, private ensuites, a 32″ LCD flat screen TV, lockable wardrobe and a desk. Rooms in the Garden wing access a patio area which leads to the garden.


We have tried to make the hospital as comfortable as possible as we appreciate you will be away from home for a long period of time. We welcome you to fully utilise all amenities available however, please follow the guidelines and always show respect for other patients who are recovering at the facility.


While all bed linen and toweling is supplied by the hospital, patients are responsible for the care and laundering of their own garments. We advise where possible that you send laundry home with your family. Where this is not possible you can use the hospital domestic laundry. We ask you only to use the laundry in your free time and before 9pm as to not disturb other patients.


A gym with exercise equipment is available at the hospital. Before patients use the gym you must receive a fitness-to-exercise clearance by our treating medical doctor. Additionally, all patients wishing to use the gym must also participate in a training program conducted by The Hills Clinic gym instructor. This is to ensure you are trained to use all gym equipment safely.

Patient Kitchenette:

Coffee, tea, filtered water and light snacks are available for patients in the kitchenette located in the patient lounge room.


All patient meals are freshly prepared in The Hills Clinic kitchen daily and are served in the dining room. Meal times have been arranged around our treatment programs and we ask that all meals are consumed in the dining room. Please refer to the dining hours available in the dining room.

During visiting hours guests are welcome to purchase their own meal and join their patients for lunch or dinner in the dining room seven days a week. Please ensure you let nursing or kitchen staff know the number of visitors that will be joining you for a meal at least one day prior to dining.