Inpatient Programs

The Hills Clinic mental health psychiatric hospital Kellyville, offers innovative, evidence based programs that are unique and proving to benefit those with depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health or psychiatric illnesses.  The mental health therapy team members delivering the programs include senior psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists who bring a great deal of psychiatric experience and expertise to the hospital.

Mood and Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program

A whole range of modules are presented to our inpatients during their inpatient stay with us and programs are tailored to suit each individual’s needs as prescribed by their┬átreating psychiatrist. Supplementary modules may include DBT skills training, process group therapy, horticulture therapy and art therapy.

Addictions Treatment Program

This program incorporates a medically supervised detoxification, with a rehabilitation training program, based on the revolutionary SMART Recovery Program (c). This program is a non-12 Step program, that empowers patients with tools to manage their addiction. In addition to the core modules, patients will have their program individualised by being prescribed supplementary programs by their treating psychiatrist.