Horticulture Therapy

It is a known fact that gardening is good for the body and therapeutic for the soul. The garden setting for therapeutic purposes is believed to have originated in the nineteenth century with Dr Benjamin Rush. otherwise known as the “The Father of American Psychiatry,” Throughout the ages, gardens have been revered as a place of tranquillity and peace where one can escape to rejuvenate. This has given rise to the concept of horticultural therapy that is growing in popularity today.

There are many benefits to horticultural therapy, and its non-invasive application is suitable for everyone. Therapeutic garden allow individuals the opportunity to connect to the natural world. The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York, initiated the first horticultural therapy program in 1958 and currently offers various speciality horticultural therapy programs geared to specific groups. “Horticultural therapy is becoming widely accepted in our community.

The Hills Clinic Horticulture program is a partnership with NSW Cultivate and has been a very popular addition to the programs offered at the Hospital. If you are being admitted to the inpatient program, make sure you bring a garden shirt and hat to get involved in the fun. The Hills Clinic is set on two acres of semi rural land and sits adjacent to fields of market gardens in Sydney northwest. This is an ideal location to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature.