The Hills Clinic offers a range of mental health services for a variety or conditions and ages. We are able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan or work in with existing clinicians you are already involved with. We are also happy to work with the public sector mental health service teams as required. Mental health services are added regularly, so if you are not sure if we can help, please contact us. The following are some of the mental health services available and our three locations:

Castle Hill

Individual sessions with adult and child Psychologists
Individual sessions with adult Psychiatrists


Individual sessions with adult and child Psychologists
Individual sessions with adult and old age Psychiatrists
Couple and Family Therapist


Individual sessions with adult Psychologists
Individual sessions with adult Psychiatrists
Day Programs for Mood and Anxiety disorders
Day programs for Addictions
Day Program for Borderline Personality Disorder
Inpatient Program for Mood and Anxiety disorders
Inpatient Program for Addictions

Maneouvres Mood & Anxiety Program

This Mood and Anxiety inpatient program offers a range of modules covered during the patient’s stay. ¬†All modules are offered during group therapy sessions and the groups are facilitated by qualified psychologists.

The program is interactive and stimulating and is designed to challenge negative thinking. The modules are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based. The program is delivered in conjunction with a group of supplementary modules. Patients are provided with a workbook that contains information about each module and is an essential reference book after discharge. Here are a few of the modules featured in the program.

  • ABC model Identifying thoughts
  • Healthy thinking (Cognitive Challenging)
  • Exposure 1 Rationale for exposure, conducting exposure
  • Coping Strategies (to replace Triggers, the difference is emphasis is on what can be done)
  • Change Building motivation to change
  • Core Beliefs
  • Behavioural Strategies to combat Depression and Anxiety Snakes and Ladders (dealing with relapse)


Supplementary Programs

Everyone is an individual and has individual needs. Sometimes material needs to be presented differently or a different modality of treatment is needed to break through difficult and persistent problems.

The Hills Clinic supplementary programs offer an alternative to the CBT approach and help patients see things from a different prospective. Some of the programs are more behavioural and can offer a welcomed break. While there are several programs on offer, you and your treating psychiatrist will develop an individualised program based on your needs.