Phoenix Addiction Program

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The Phoenix Program is an exclusive addiction treatment program offered at The Hills Clinic in Sydney’s northwest and has been developed for individuals who are working toward an addiction free life.

Ancient Greeks believed that the phoenix was a bird that could reinvent itself by rising again from the ashes of a previous life. The Phoenix program provides individuals with the tools and opportunities to rebuild their life and to develop a greater awareness and sense of self, free from addiction.

The approach underlying the Phoenix program is a combination of a range of therapies that empower clients to take control of their recovery. The program takes on a holistic philosophy and embraces a range of techniques including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). The combination of therapies used, will provide individuals with the opportunity and skill set to change their addictive behaviours, whether it is gambling, substance abuse or other.

The Phoenix Program is available to clients in three different treatment courses:

Phoenix 1

This program is an inpatient program. Clients are admitted into hospital and follow the addictions program which may also include detoxification if required. This program focuses on a range of topics including coping with cravings, problem solving, improving relationships and lifestyle balance to name a few. Following discharge, clients are encouraged to continue with ongoing support in the Phoenix 2 program as they begin to tackle life, addiction free.

Phoenix 2

This program runs weekly and is offered to patients after they have completed their inpatient stay. If clients are already in recovery and just require additional support, they may not necessarily need to participate in the inpatient program and enter Phoenix 2 directly. However, it is essential to discuss your readiness with our team to determine suitability for this program.  This program covers a whole range of learning modules including: awareness of triggers, managing urges and critical life skills.