Psychiatrists Sydney

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor that goes on to specialise in mental health disorders. A psychiatrist is usually asked to review and treat cases that are either persistent or severe in nature. Psychiatrists are experts in using medicine for treating these conditions but are also equipped with skills in counselling.

The Hills Clinic team currently has 14 psychiatrists working over three sites, offering a range of treatments for different conditions and ages. The team includes a child psychiatrist, adult psychiatrists and old age psychiatrists. Many of the Sydney psychiatrists work in both the outpatient clinics and inpatient program at the Kellyville hospital.

Before booking an appointment make sure you have a GP referral to bring along with you so you can claim back a refund from Medicare. You are likely to wait several weeks for an appointment so make sure the psychiatrist you are booked in to see, treats the type of problem you have been having trouble with. If they do not, it is likely someone else in our team can help.

The new Medicare tele-health initiative is ideal for people living in a remote area who have trouble getting in to see a psychiatrist face to face. A number of our psychiatrists are registered with Medicare to provide tele-health services via Skype.

If you live in a remote area and have trouble coming in to see our psychiatrist face to face you are encouraged to contact us to see how we can assist you with making an appointment. Special arrangements need to be made before your appointment, so please ensure you contact our medical centre receptionist as soon as possible.