Rehab Programs

Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction rehab programs at The Hills Clinic

The Hills Clinic offers a three-week addiction rehabilitation (rehab) program. During the course of three weeks, patients live in a therapeutic community learning how to live a life free from addictions; change their thinking patterns, build on their strengths, improve relationships and mental health. The therapeutic community is an environment where the individual can safely recover, rehabilitate and learn to change with clinical professionals and other support people who have been through similar experiences.

During the rehab programs, patients are treated with respect and professionalism by experienced and highly qualified clinicians specializing in addiction treatment. Patients are supported through the program, to manage the problems that arise during the course of the treatment.

Group sessions run daily for up to two hours and involve a range of activities, like learning new skills and sharing between members. The program focuses on learning strategies to deal with the ‘here and now’ problems faced during rehab in recovery. Those attending the rehab programs, will explore how addiction found its way into their lives and the underlying factors and experiences which lead them to where they are today.

What is addiction?

Addiction is when someone engages in repetitive, compulsive behaviour that is rewarding and reinforcing, even in the face of negative consequences. The addiction is characterised by difficulty controlling the behaviour, cravings, inability to consistently abstain and limited recognition of the problems the behaviour is causing to surrounding relationships. Addictive behaviours are not exclusive to alcohol and substance use, it can also extend to gambling, overeating and sex. Research is indicating that the same neural circuits may be involved, regardless of the type of addiction.

What is the addiction program and how does it work?

The program is built on evidence-based treatment models which have demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of addictive behaviours. The models include; Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). The rehab programs teach the foundational skills of SMART Recovery, (a CBT based support group for addictive behaviours).

After inpatient rehabilitation readjusting to sober living can be exciting and also very difficult.

Addiction Treatment at The Hills Clinic

The Hills Clinic offers a range of group and individual treatment programs to help people overcome addiction. The program offers patients the support and skills to prevent relapse. Based on the latest evidence, rehab programs are delivered by enthusiastic and non-judgmental clinicians with expertise in the field.

The Hills Clinic is unique in its approach to treating addiction as we take into consideration each individuals’ personal needs, addressing addiction related co-morbidity and providing a high level of continuity of care throughout the program.

Outpatient Program

Relapse rates are highest in the earliest days of abstinence from substances, so the real difficulty for patients begins when they leave hospital. Accordingly, we offer a gradual step down group program for patients leaving the inpatient program, and long-term day programs aimed at maintaining abstinence. This helps patients apply the skills they learned in hospital to their lives and provides support in managing any triggers and challenges that arise in recovery.

SMART Recovery Group

SMART Recovery is a self-help group which is facilitated by a Psychologist on an ongoing basis. SMART empowers people to change their addictive behaviours, using the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy. SMART was developed in the USA and research demonstrates its effectiveness in reducing addiction relapse rates. Addiction Treatment Facilitators

Psychologists facilitating the group programs are also Medicare providers and Associate Members of the Australian Psychological Social. The clinicians are also available to see patients individually as inpatients or outpatients at The Hills Clinic in Kellyville or Castle Hill.