Substance Abuse

(last updated 7 April 2015)

Substance abuse treatment in the Hills is available at The Hills Clinic through the inpatient psychiatric hospital in Kellyville.  The Phoenix addiction program addresses substance abuse issues and provides rehab, substance abuse treatment therapies.

Substance abuse includes the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. It is more commonly referred to as drug abuse and includes both illicit drugs and prescriptive drugs that are used inappropriately. Substance abuse may lead to extensive problems including health problems, social problems, psychological problems and addiction problems.

Family and friends are likely to be amongst the first to detect the symptoms of substance abuse. Some substance abuse symptoms are included below:

  • aggressiveness
  • irritability
  • forgetfulness
  • disappearing valuables/money
  • feeling rundown or depressed and suicidal
  • use of room deoderisers
  • getting drunk or high on a regular basis
  • lying about intake quantity
  • drinking or drug use alone
  • frequent hangovers or blackouts.
  • Risky behaviour/impulsive behaviour
  • Suspension from school/work
  • Getting into trouble with police

We strongly encourage getting help or support with ending your addiction. Please contact your local doctor who can help make recommendations during detoxification and also provide you with a referral to The Hills Clinic Recovery Program which will assist with you long term rehabilitation.