What to bring to the hospital

Please take the time to read through the following information sheet about what to bring to hospital and what to leave at home.  We hope you find it useful >>>What to bring to hospital
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We encourage you to wear comfortable casual clothes during your inpatient stay. We ask that you restrict nightwear to the confines of your bedroom and wear day clothes in all common areas. Footwear is required to be worn at all times. Patients are also encouraged to bring a hat and art/gardening shirt. We encourage everyone to bring along the following items, closed in shoes, gardening gloves if possible (latex gloves can be provided) and sunscreen.


Patients are asked to bring with them all medication that they regularly take. Please do not bring any old medication that you are no longer taking. Any medication you bring into the clinic including complementary, natural, over the counter and herbal substances, needs to be declared at the time of arrival. These medicines will need to be dispensed by nursing staff during your admission and returned to you when you are discharged.


It is recommended that patients bring in their own toiletries to reduce the risk of allergies that may arise from using different brands of products while at the hospital. These items will be inspected by staff on admission.

Personal belongings and luggage check:

To ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our patients, staff and guests at The Hills Clinic, all patient belongings (including pockets) are checked on arrival. Checks can also be requested by staff at any time where there are concerns for the patient’s own safety or the safety of others. It is our policy to check not only new patients but also patients returning from hospital leave.


Please refrain from bringing valuable belongings and large sums of money during your inpatient stay. We encourage you to leave or send any of these items home. If you choose to keep valuable items or large amounts of money during your inpatient stay then you are responsible for all your personal items. The Hills Clinic accepts no liability.

Cameras & Photography:

We respect patient privacy and confidentiality and for this reason we do not permit the use of any photography at The Hills Clinic. Please do not bring cameras to the clinic and cameras on mobile phones should not be used during your stay.

Prohibited Items:

All alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited at The Hills Clinic. Please ensure that you declare any substances that you are unsure about with your admitting nurse. Patients and visitors are prohibited from bringing the following items to The Hills Clinic hospital:

  • Open razor blades
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Metal nail files
  • Mirrors
  • Alcohol
  • Mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Perfume/aftershave and any aerosol cans such as deodorants and hairspray
  • Flammable agents, eg lighters, kerosene
  • Any objects made of glass
  • Weapons of any description including knives etc
  • Illicit drugs
  • Sports or exercise equipment
  • Cameras/video/photography equipment
  • DVD players (there is one available in the patient lounge)
  • Hair dye/waxing products/hair dryers/straighteners. Hairdryers are provided by The Hills Clinic on request.
  • Please declare all prescribed and non-prescribed medications

Electrical Items:

On admission and during your stay you are requested to present any personal electrical items to the admitting staff to determine safe use at the clinic. Any electrical items that cannot be used in the clinic can be left with staff for safe-keeping or sent home with your family. It will not be possible for patients to have electrical items with fixed power cords in their rooms. Any loose cords that are required to power/charge electrical items must also be handed in on admission. Staff will attempt to assist you whenever possible to charge electrical items when requested.

Personal Mobile Phones and Laptops:

We have made allowance for the use of mobile phones and laptops at the hospital as we understand they are a part of our everyday lives. However, we are also aware that phones and computers are a frequent source of distraction and stress for some patients so we ask that phones and laptops are not used during therapy hours.

We also ask that all mobile phones and laptops are completely turned off after 10:30pm. Please be advised that all loose cords required to charge these items cannot be left unattended in your rooms and will need to be left at the nurses station on admission. Please also note that cameras and recording devices that are attached to phones and laptops are not to be used while in the hospital.